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What’s The Difference Between A Home Appraisal And Inspection?

Plain and simple, a home appraisal determines the value of the home while a home inspection determines the condition of the home. And since each serves a different purpose, there are a few other differences between an appraisal and inspection:

  • Home appraisals are required by a lender. Home inspections aren’t.
  • You have to request an inspection yourself while the lender will order an appraisal on your behalf.
  • An appraisal may impact your ability to get the loan amount you need. An inspection won’t.
  • Appraisers usually only spot things visible to the naked eye, while inspectors will use special devices and training to detect deeper issues.
  • Home buyers are encouraged to walk through the home with the inspector during the inspection. Typically, an appraiser will go through the appraisal process alone.
  • An inspector will explain and educate during the inspection process. An appraiser will tell you their findings at the end of the process, when the report is completed.
  • A home inspection only determines the condition of the home when making the assessment. A home appraisal usually considers the condition of the property, comparable home prices, home features, lot size, area school zones and crime rates.
  • The inspector and appraiser have a different set of skills, are trained and certified in different processes and have different areas of expertise.

Russian Speaking Realtor in the Richmond VA Area.

Russian speaking realtor in Richmond VA - George Morozov. Give me a call and start looking for your dream home today.


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